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Local news & local history

This page contains local news & local history from this Parish. This information is not created by the Parish Council, so although the Council will update the page from time to time it is not responsible for the accuracy of its content.


Local news

St. Oswald's Church at Lythe has launched a large fundraising appeal. If you are interested in making a donation or would like more information please contact them at

Please visit the website & refer to the News & events page

Coffee & Quack takes place every Wednesday from 10:00 -11:30


Local history

The Blacksmith’s Shop situated opposite The Stiddy in Lythe was once a busy and important part of rural life. It stands as a reminder of its industrious past and there is evidence of its history as you can see the once familiar tools involved in the fitting of solid iron tyres. For more information click here

A brief history of our Parish Church at Lythe. For more information click here

Follow this Facebook group for some interesting local pictures & facts

Click here for information from Historic England